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DJ Time Machine is the latest incarnation of Wil Oddsox, a DJ of 20 years experience, who has brought eclectic alternative musical joy to discerning listeners throughout Yorkshire.  Wil has also worked as a manager for the NHS, studied Psychology, and now raises money for a mental health charity.


Horn gramophone                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Recently a ‘new’ 1920s horn gramophone was acquired, with a large number of 78 shellac records, and the need for a new incarnation, in the style of the man with the ultimate time machine (that’s Doctor Who) was called for. horn gramophone 2

Wil Oddsox brought people an eclectic mix, ranging from Elvis to Carter USM; Stevie Wonder to The Sex Pistols. DJ Time Machine takes this further, taking the music through Rock and Roll, swing, jazz and a bit of classical.

Facebbok The Time Machine DJ has a Facebook Page at The DJ Time Machine facebook page, where you will find news and links to records in his collection.

TwitterHe also tweets @DjTimeMachineDj

horn gramophone 2


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